Greetings Campers. Yes, we are still here, alive and well. The website maintenance firm who handled our site got caught in a situation with a Hedge Fund who had purchased the server farm without our knowledge 12/22, and they used a 3-day clause to get rid of all accounts they considered unprofitable, and we got lumped into and included in that designation. They erased my 21 year old website, entirely, and all back-ups on other servers. SO . . . we are without a website at the moment, but we will be back. We are working on a new one as I type. For my regular customers I have a whole new shipment in, all the embroidered clothing and men’s shirts are sitting here. If you send an e-mail to and tell me what you want I can easily send photos. THANKS SO MUCH for your patience. ~ Susan
Great Green Apple has always asked “How unique do you want to be?” In the spirit of that question I am sharing with you the new logo as we build the new website. The simple elegance of our new brand will signify the unique elegance that we have always tried to bring to you, from the hands of some of the most creative artisans in Mexico. Stay tuned.